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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  July 18, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning, america. and d ere is casey anthony? a trail of clues to where she's fled.. what she's doing now after her high-security release. and the picture that shows how she really feels. violent storms take down an outdoor stage where cheap trick was performing. the latest from the survivors who dug out of the mangled mess. the u.s. women's soccer team coming close, losing in the times to japan. one of the most dramatic world cup finals, ever. >> a brokenhearted usa, who thought they had it won twice, are beaten. >> japan's big win, now, giving that nation new hope.
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and super dog. the ten-pound crime fighter caught on camera. how he took a bite out of crime. he's here live this morning. good morning, everyone. seeing poco, i have a craving for taco bell. george is off today. spending a letle time with his family. josh is right here by my side. oh, that game. >> this close. this close, twice. of course, the u.s. women falling, in stunning fashion, to japan in the world cup final yesterday. we saw the agony of defeat. but we have to remember, we have seen the thrill of victory, twice before. first, against brazil and then against france.
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i think something that occurred to me yesterday, what we saw yesterday was the thrill of defeat. if you could watch that game yesterday and go back to the ticket booth and say, i want my money back, that wasn't enough for me, you got a very higigbar for drama and excitement and entertainment. >> deborah roberts is there. we'll have a live report from her ininust a little moment. thankfully the temperatures aren't as bad there as they are here. >> they are bad in almost every state across the country. off the florida coast, take a look at what's f fming this morning. tropical storm developing and developing rapidly. it has a name, bret. it has sprung in the last 24 hours. we got to talk more about the scorching temperatures across the majority of the country. moving east, uniyi yunji de nies, smack-dab in the middle of texas. good morning, yunji.
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>> reporter: good morning, robin. this is the 17th-straight day of 100-degree temperatures. wild fires burning farther east. all of this dry brush is ready to ignite. it doesn't get much hotter than this. whether it's a good splash of water to the face, a quick break to wipe away the sweat or trying to hydrateteway the heat. people are desperate for relief. as temperatures rise, water levels are falling, fast. these oklahoma ponds, now, empty, dry and dusty. in southwest oklahoma, howel mcknight fighting to save fish from his shrinking ponds. he's moving them by hand by deeper water. >> it's tragic. we're losing the water and all of the fish. >> reporter: high temperatures are scorching much of the midwest. >> for the first time in 27 years, the swans usa cup here in minnesota has been postponed due to heat. >> reporter: in nebraska,
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they're even throwing ice in the pools. that heat wave is steadily moving east. on a day where you could use a swim, city budget cuts have forced the closure of all pools in ft. worth. anyone coming here for a dip will be locked out. the severe heat combinin with the drought, can spark fast-moving grass fires. texas could set yet another record for the worst fire season, ever. and it's more than just uncomfortable. heat-related deaths are number one killer -- heat is weather-related killer in the u.s. if you're out in these conditions today, make sure to hydrate. experts say drink two bottles per hour to avoid heat stroke. and stay inside. robin? >> all right, yunji, thank you. sam, this feels like everybody's affected by this heat wave. yes, texas and oklahoma have never gotten out of it.
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here's where the heat is in the rest of the nation, building throughout the last week. the last heat wave, this one is longer and worse. when you see numbers like 97 in minneapolis, 95 in kansas city. not a record today. what's happening there, this heat is releasing all of the water from the saturated ground. it's more humid in minneapolis than it is in new orleans. your heat index levels would be above 100 degrees. and that's brutal in this part of the country. here's where the heat is. it spreads east throughout the week. we're warming everything up. as bad as it was it gets worse this week with the h ht. josh? >> all right, sam. now, to casey anthony. she walked out of jail a free woman just after midnight on sunday morning. now, new details about her secret escape and where she might have ended up. jim avila is in orlando with the very latest. good morning to you, jim. >> reporter: good morning, josh. as the caylee memorial grows, we're learning the first clues about where her mother might be just 36 hours after her release from jail. it's a secret even from her
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parents. she was welcomed to come home at least temporarily, but opted to fly out of town in the dead of night. abc news has learned that this single-engine prop plane which left orlando executive airport three hours after casey anthony's release is registered a wealthy california attorney. it may be a clue to her whereabouts or a diversion. the plane appears to have taken a route west. eventually landing at presscott at 3:00 in the morning. the only word from casey anthony was a cryptic text to her mother from her attorney's phone. >> she texted jose. was that casey on the plane? and we got, she's safe. nothing else. >> reporter: and still nothing when jose baez appeared on fox news overnight. >> is she or has she left
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florida. >> reporter: wherever she is, a memorial for her daughter. an attempt to refocus the attention on the 2-year-old victim of this crime. whose body was dumped in this amp, which has become a constant memorial. >> quit talking about her. she'll disappear. just keep this little girl alive. >> i believe that she'll get her judgment day. someday. we all have to meet our maker. and that's, you know, unfortunately, that's when she'll get hers, i guess. >> reporter: those are the type of messages that frighten casey anthony's estranged parents, who do not know where their daughter is today. >> she walked out of here with 500 bucks. she does not have a place to live. she's relying on other people. >> reporter: clearly she needs the money. so far there's no word of any deals to tell her story. her attorney says that her priority now is counseling and her mental health. robin? >> all right, jim. in our next half-hour, dan abrams and nancy grace will join
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us live with more. now, to the latest on the phone hacking rocking rupert murdoch's media empire. rebekah brooks arrested over the weekend. and has scotland yard resigning over the failures in the investigation. jeffrey kofman joins us this morning from london. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. it's incredible. this scandal unfolding with lightning speed. rupert murdoch's number two arrested. it's fair to say, the air around murdoch himself is getting awfully thin. will where will all of this stop? rupert murdoch has often said he looked on rebekah brooks as his daughter. just a week ago, he indicated that saving her was as important to saving his global empire. but this crisis well beyond his control. brooks, former editor of his now-closed "news of the world," became so toxic, on sunday, she resigned.
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on sunday she was arrested and questioned about alleged criminal activity while she was at the helm. >> it's very unusual for somebody to be arresteteby appointment on sunday. there could be operational reasons for that. maybe they're going to arrest somebody else today. >> reporter: as the news tightens, the focus turns to his murdoch's son, james. he is accused of trying toay $1 million to a soccer star. rupert murdoch hoped that james would take over the family empire that is now not clear either will survive. >> there was a particular settlement that i authorized and was said with information -- i acted on advice of executives. and lawyers. within completed investigation. and that's a matter of real regret for me personally. >> reporter: and there's more. last late night, the head of scotland yard, siriraul stephenson, became the latest casualty in this phone hacking crisis. his mistake? hiring another former "news of
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the world" senior editor and failing to open inquiries in the paper while widespread allegations of illegal activity were swirling. and tomorrow, should be another dramatic day. both murdochs and rebekah brooks to appear in front of parliament to answer questions. in what could be the modern version of a public flogging. robin? >> all right, jeffrey. thank you so much. now, something that we're going to be talking for some time. >> four years at least. we're turning now to team usa's heartbreaking loss to japan in the women's world cup yesterday. the american women had been the favorites going in. if not, sentimental. of course, they never lost to japan before in 25 prior matches. but there's a first time for everything. twice japan rallied late to tie the score and sending it to penalty kicks, sometimes so cruel and agonizing. and abc's deborah roberts is in
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frankfurt, where japan ron it all. good morning, deborah. >> reporter: i don't have any fingernails left after that match. in the end it was japan's moment. first asian country to ever claim a world cup title. >> it is japan's world cup. a broken-hearted usa. who thought they had it won twice, are beaten. >> reporter: japan basked in its own cinderella story. flooding the fieldldn elation. the u.s. looked on tearfully. their world cup dreams dashed. after the first half, was that psychologically sort of difficult for you all? >> no, i thought we felt confnfent the whole game leading up to the very last penalty that made them champions. >> and at a certain point, you have to give credit to japan. they scored great goals. >> all of japan, can have at least a semblance of a smile. >> reporter: commentators thought the japan suffered from a case of nevers.
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they had never beaten the u.s. in competition. and had never been to a world cup final before. u.s. played it twice. never played under a strain. on their shoulders the weight of entire country still reeling from the devastating earthquake and tsunami. for the first time in four months, something for japan to celebrate. it was a remarkable win for a team overpowered in so many ways. the average height of the japanese players is only 5'4". yet, they refused to relent to the united states' intense play. just nine minutes away from a u.s. 1-0 victory, japan stunned onlookers with their first goal of the game, forcing overtime. with this header, american superstar, abby wambach led her team to a 2-1 lead. but resilient japan wouldn't give up. an agonizing shoot-out followed.
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when it was said and done, the team that refused to believe in never pulled out the upset of the ages. what do you say to fans and family who cheered you on so hard? >> i think we'll say that we'll be back. this team has so much to be proud of and we have such a bright future. >> reporter: a tough, tough night for the american women. they just boarded a plane headed back home to get some much-needed rest. and as one of them told me, josh, to already begin thinning about next year. >> you have to leave they will be back, deborah. deborah roberts in frankfurt. >> i know, robin, we were both tweeting as we were watching yesterday. and you got stuck there on the bike. perhaps thinking it would be the thing that would bring it home. how many miles did you do yesterday? >> almost 20. about 29. they're doing what they can. heather said it best in deb's report. japan deserving of this victory. lot more reaction from that
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country coming up. and the world cup team, the u.s. team, will be with us here in times square tomorrow. >> they were absolutely inspirational. there are many news events this morning. for the latest on them, we turn now to bob woodruff. >> this is like new orleans winning -- the saints winning the super bowl. >> after katrina. >> it's great for the towns and the cities and countries. weweegin with that dramatic scene at a rock concert just north of the border in ottawa, canada, cameras were rolling as a freak storm swept through resulting in chaos. it happened in a matter of seconds. a violent thunderstorm with ripping down the stage and three stories of scaffolding, at the ottawa bluesfest. sending the rock band cheap trick and thousands of their fans, running for cover. >> cheap trick was in the middle of their set. the stage started to felt backwards.
7:15 am
i've never seen anything like that before. it was pretty freaky. >> reporter: the frantic search for people. band membersrshrown off the floor. all were accounted for and okay. others weren't so lucky. >> ladies and gentlemen, please clear the park. >> reporter: part of the stage had pierced one man in the abdomen. another person reportedly broke a leg. in all, five people were seriously hurt. others were simply mixed municipal in the chaos. people were running in the pouring rain, scattered from friends and loved ones. >> the network is jammed. >> reporter: in the wake of the freak storm, a mangled mess. a drum set. chairs collapsed and scattered. like toothpicks. fans said that the band kept playing even when the dark clouds rolled in. the band later wrote on facebook, everyone is shaken up. we hope everyone is okay. negotiations over raising the nation's debt limit moved behind closed doors in washington today, with the default deadline just over two weeks away. sources say president obama and
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house speaker, john boehner, are again, discussing more than $4 trillion in deficit reduction, with the speaker pushing for specific cuts to social security, medicare and medicaid. overseas, a chilling scene caught on camera. these tourists had gathered in normally shallow waters in a scenic waterfall. you see a flash flood quickly moves in, eventually carrying them away. moving them downstream. over the falls, amazingly, two people survived that plunge. and were rescued. two others remain missing. new research indicates mild brain injuries, even concussions can increase your risk for dementia and the symptoms of alzheimer's disease. one study found they were more than twice as likely to suffer from dementia in their later years. finally, pure magic at the box office. "harry potter and the deathly hallows, part 2," broke just
7:17 am
about every record possible this weekend, taking in nearly $169 million here in the u.s. and more than $300 million overseas. the best opening weekend of any movie ever. >> harry potter. harry potter, right here. what are you going to say? these are my cheaters. >> you got $470 million you can spare. sam, what do you say? >> i am loving it. all right. let's get to the boards. it's been a crazy time for weather. remember, all of that water is much higher than normal if you're visiting those areas, don't venture into those mountain streams in north america. this is the latest tropical system, right off the coast of florida. bret pulls into atlantic. the big story will be heavy heat from minneapolis, kansas city to dallas. everywhere in the middle of the country.
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>> more from sam later. now, the latest on carmageddon. there were so many dire predictions of cars backed up for miles in los angeles. what really happened? abc's clayton sandell will tell us. >> reporter: forget the beach. the hollywood sign. the movie stars. the biggest attraction in southern california this weekend was this -- >> there it is. we got the first car. >> reporter: like blood coursing through an artery, cars brought the 405 back to life. putting an end to -- >> carmageddon. >> reporter: they're finally reopening the 405. and they're doing it 17 hours early carmageddon turned out to be the epic traffic nightmare that wasn't. heaven because people stayed off the roads. even this suspect must have gotten the message. >> the pursuit has gone on and
7:20 am
on. >> reporter: during a four-hour police chase, he managed to completely avoid the 405. leaving it wide-open for cyclists and skateboarding scoff laws. >> use a little common sense, fellas. rmageddon wasn't enough to scare paris hilton. by saturday, sheheas at the beach. next year, they'll have to endure another carmageddon. shutting down their beloved 405. >> it's the road to everywhere. airport, work, the east side, west side. >> reporter: but for now, these are the closing credits everyone was hoping for. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, los angeles. >> let me just say, i'm proud today. >> homefully the people will go as well for carmageddon 2. coming up -- casey anthony on to a private plane. dan abrams and nancy grace will weigh in. and a little dog with a
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get an inspiron 15r with 6 gig memory i just transferred a prescription to cvs because they have care 1on1. it's where the pharmacist stops and talks to me about safety and saving money with generic prescriptions. laura, let's talk about possible side effects. it's all about me. love that. get care 1on1 and talk savings, safety, and side effects when you transfer or fill a new, ongoing prescription. i'm laura, and this is my cvs. it's all mine. a citizens group plans to call the f.b.i. to investigate a controversial shooting by san francisco police. this youtube video helped police recover a gun they say was used by a fleeing man that was shooting at officers. the video shows someone picking
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up the gun which police say led them to recover the gun from a parolee. let's check in with monday morning commute. >> big rig is blocking northbound 101. estimated time of revolve is around 9:00. 80 westbound we have a major accident right before highway 4 and southbound 101 through san rafael an accident right there at lincoln. >> thanks so much. we'll update you on the morning weather's forecast. is it getting warmer.
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welcome back, a few clouds around the coast trying to spill in to san francisco. we're warmer about 2-9 degrees. we see a lot of 70s and 80s inland toward the east bay and south bay. accu-weather seven-day forecast. small warming trend and by thursday, temperatures are closer to average. we'll take it mike. >> thank you for joining us. news continues with "good morning america."
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yes, that's little paco. our superdog cam. ten pounds of bravery. you're looking at right there. he ran off robbers. protecting us, live, here in times square. >> on to big and better things. superdog if ever there was one. >> we're going to meet paco in mere moments. paco has been very child this morning. >> i think so, too. there are some characters lurking about. >> as always. it is times square. >> indeed. so, we're in -- i'm in george, hopefully who is enjoying himself. >> i'm sure he is. >> he's away. we're going to have a lot for you, including show me the money the luxury edition.
7:31 am
some great deals hiding in all places in government auctions. so, get the spare change ready. >> and you'll need more than spare change as you see these high-ticket items. it's the luxury edition of show me the money. more on casey anthony's dramatic release from jail just after midnight sunday morning. she was hustled into a waiting suv. where there is a picture of her showing some relief right there. so, where is she? and what's next? nancy grace, host of "nancy grace" on hln joins us live this morning and "gma" legal analyst dan abrams is here. dan, let me start with you first. we had a piece from jim avila in the first half-hour, on a plane perhaps, that is registered to a wealthy california attorney. may be in arizona. she has just over $500 in her pocket. she's estranged in from her parents. what does she do now?
7:32 am
>> for those people saying that she's going to get a reality show, she's going to have a book, she's going to be famous, they're discounting how much anger there is against casey anthony. any major corporation is going associated with casey anthony. in any way, shape or form. i think it's going to have to be more of a fringe organization. more importantly, an organization that doesn't care what the public thinks of it at all. i think she'll get a one-time payout to do an interview. i think people will be surprised by how much backlash there will be. >> and there's been a lot of groups saying they will boycott anything that she is associated with. nancy, i want to your reaction. when she walked out a free woman. doesn't have to report to a probation officer, anything like that. what was going through your mind when you saw that, nancy, her walking out? >> well, mostly disappointment. disappointment in our justice
7:33 am
system. and i think that's the general sentiment. no one wishes for vigilantly justice. nobody advocates that. people who are opposed to the jury's verdict, are really seeking justice. i don't believe those people are interested in harming tot mom, casey anthony. as far as her getting deals, they're already coming in. in an interview with jose baez, he said that he's already fielding up offers, up to $1 million. so, they're going to come in. it's just like porn. nobody in church on sunday morning saying they're going to watch it but they do. so, someone's going to watch that interview. and someone's going to buy that book. and she's going to make a lot of money. end of story. >> there are some people that due process has been served. she faced a jury of her peers. case closed. everybody should just move on. is that fair to say? >> that is accurate. it's fair and trueue due process has been served.
7:34 am
the jury system was implemented. and just because many people disagree with the verdict, doesn't mean that due process wasn't implemented. now, she's off on her way. the next verdict w wl be by the america public. whether they want to watch her on pay-per-view or in her interview, paid interview or in her book. it will be up to us now. >> it's going to be interesting to see. you're right. people arereaying, no, no, no. when push comes to shove, it will be interesting to see what happens. dan, this is not the first high-profile acquittal. but you feel this is still different from the others. >> the one we compare this to is o.j. simpson. the world also thought, or many in the world, thought that was the wrong verdict. the difference was that o.j. simpson had a community of people. had supporters, fans from his days as an athlete, of people who were behind him, when he came out of prison. there was a significant group of people who thought he was not guilty. that's really not the case here.
7:35 am
meaning, there are people who are saying the justice system worked. there are people saying there was reasonable doubt. you don't have almost anyone, who say they put the wrong person on trial here, which was the case in o.j. simpson's case. even harder for her. to make it the other thing that makes this different than the o.j. simpson case is the timing of it. back in the mid-1990s, you didn't have cell phones where you could take pictures of people. >> true. >> you didn't have twitter or facebook. so, anytime anyone sees her anywhere, it's going to be accounted for. that's going to make this is totally different experience for her than someone released in the mid-1990s. nancy, when you do think we will see her again? a couple of lawsuits floating out. >> oh, yeah. we will see her again. if she honored the subpoena to come to the deposition.
7:36 am
the first one is by zenaida fernandez-gonzalez. that's the first one. i think that there's going to be many more. dan, i think they're going to be people around tot mom casey anthony. he had a clique. he lived in a mansion. she's going to find the same things. did you see that guy holding a sign? casey, will you marry me? enough people want to be around her for whatever bizarre reason in their minds. >> there's no question. scott peterson who is sitting on death row, still gets marriage proposals on a regular basis. so, they are people that will get marriage proposals. but it's still going to be a different situation. sure, she'll find a group of people. i'm not suggesting she's going to be a total pariah. i'm saying, when it comes to selling her story, adapting to a community, when it comes to walking into a
7:37 am
restaurant, i think it's going to be even worse for her than it was for o.j. >> she'll lie her way right through it. come on. her parents tried to get in touch with her. she won't even speak to her parents. and in fact, in one, last -- >> nancy, you have too many people -- >> tried to use them -- she tried to use them as media decoys when she left the jail. thank god her lawyer put his foot down on that, so george and cindy anthony wouldn't get used one last time by her. >> there are too many people out there who love nancy grace, who watch nancy grace on a regular basis, who are going to see her out there, somewhere, are going to give her a very, very hard time wherever she goes. >> well, the most important people have spoken. those were 12 members of the jury. that's all that mattered. from here on in, in my mind, it's over. she's going to start a new life with a pot of money. more than you and i will ever
7:38 am
make, dan. and she's going to live the sweet life the good life. she's finally got it. >> one thing that you agree on, people are ready to see this over. nancy and dan, thank you. >> thank you, robin. >> you're welcome. take care, nancy. let's go over to sam and the weather. sam? >> we'll start with heat. lot of people will say that's summer. it's more than that. this heat is persistent and it's kind of abusive in the way it stays in the middle of the country, with the combination of humidity. let me show you the numbers here. dallas, this could be a big day for you. if you break your 16-days, consecutive days, it would be a shallow victory. it will only be 99. but that heat roars on this week. minneapolis, the heat and humidity. it feels like it's above 100 degrees. and it will be that way all week. chicagoland into the 90s. kansas city. and some of the heat
7:39 am
all of that weather was brought to you by petsmart. oh, robin? >> okay there, sam. next, the toughest chihuahua on the block. paco the crime-fighting pooch here live in times square. i know he doesn't look it, but he is. charlie! !i haven't seen you for awhile. wow! you must ome here a lot. acacally, this is ur first time. [ female announcer ] at petsmart, you'll always have a happy shopping experience. because our .helpful associates love caring for their customers. pepemart. happiness in store.™ has a petsmart associate helped you have a happy shopping experience? share your story on facebook.
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and now, to poco the crime-fighting superdog we have been talking about all morning long. he's pint-sized but that didn't stop him from doing this, chasing off a pair of armed robsers. but first, neil karlinsky has this story. >> reporter: when it comes to heroes there is superman -- miracle pilot captain chel sy sullen berger and now there's pco. look at him in action. taking on a pair of armed robbers. he didn't take the fight just to their ankle, he actually ran them out. nipping at their heels and chasing them all of the w across the street.
7:44 am
shop owner said that poco is the neighborhood pooch. >> everybody around this area knows who poco is. he's super friendly. >> i was shocked. because normally he's normally laidback. >> reporter: the thieves did get some money. he may not be bigger than a loaf of bread, take it from the bad guys, you don't want poco the chihuahua as your enemy. for good morning america, neal karlinsky, abc news. >> the pooch joins us now. poco joined by his owner and store ener. dwayne and eric, let's make sure, is everybody okay after resulting from that robbery? >> absolutely. everybody's fine. >> so, dwayne, you rescued poco
7:45 am
a few years ago, when you heard what had happened, what did you first think? >> surprised. when i saw the video, it was interesting. everybody started to laugh. the police were there, they were laughing. it wasn't expected. >> eric, you weren't in the store at the timeme you saw the surveillance video. this isn't a high-crime area, are you surprised that the robbery happened at all? >> i was shocked that it happened at all. such a close-knit community. >> this guy is falling asleep on your knee. when you saw what he did, whas that the poco you have come to know. >> no. i was shocked to see what he did. especially running across the street was amazing. >> he's got something of a a routine in the neighborhood. >> yes in the morning, he kind
7:46 am
of wanders down the street. meets eric when he comes to the shop. somememes, he wanders one door down. >> when poco broke this up, there's a bar next door. there are people there. what happened when they heard the commotion? >> they heard the commotion of the dog barking. they all stood up when he chased them out of the door. then they sat down. >> he's a super hero. a big dog in a little body. eric, perhaps you can do the honors. he's official a super hero. poco, the crime-fighting pooch. dwayne and eric and poco, thanks buddy, thanks for keeping us all safe. a special luxury edition of
7:47 am
"show me the money." high-end bargains hiding at government auctions. come on back for it all. hey can i play with the toys ? sure, but let me get a little information first. for broccoli, say one. for toys, say two. toys ! the system can't process your response at this time. what ? please call back between 8 and 5 central standard time. he's in control. goodbye. even kids know it's wrong to give someone the run around. at ally bank you never have to deal with an endless automated system. you can talk to a real person 24/7. it's just the right thing to do. [ laughs ] this is it! [ all ] 10...9...8... a new school year has so much potential! any resolutions? my resolution is the same as always; keep her full and focused with my fiber. [ all ] 3...2...1... happy school year! [ female announcer ] this school year, make a resolution to give your kid kellogg's® frosted mini-wheats® cereal. an excellent source of fiber from 100% whole grain.
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7:51 am
i hate to hear about this, a split shocking hollywood. jennifer lopez and marc anthony sending their seven-year marriage. what the color your son likes can tell you about his future? that's all straight ahead. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day
7:52 am
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7:56 am
they are investigating two overnight shooting that has left two people dead and two people injured. one took place on bissel avenue. they found a man and woman dead at the scene. another woman was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. half an hour earlier a 23-year-old man was wounded by gunfire. today we're seeing the sunshine a little earlier. >> a little warmer weather. good morning to you. about 2-9 degrees warmer. rich richmond to san francisco and low to 70s and even 80s in the south bay and eeltd east bay
7:57 am
valleys. we go to san rafael, lincoln has been cleared. you will see throw traffic from ignacio and we have a train delay, train 5 is 10 to 15 minutes behind schedule. >> the news continues now with good8x8x8x8x8x8x8x8x8x8x8x8x8x8!
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ hello [ cheers and appppuse ] whoat nation right in front. beautiful audience outside in times square. oh, yeah. i mean, george picked the perfect week to get out of dodge. and we know where he is because of ali's tweets. >> which continue to amaze. they're like the back door into the life of george stephanopoulos. we got a lot to get to here. you know, you think of pink for girls and blue for boys. but what if your son wanted to wear everything in pink? it's something of a surprise, the answers we got from dads when asked about what they really think about following these colors rules?
8:01 am
>> and throw that rule book right out of here. >> i agree. we have a luxury -- a deluxe luxury edition of "show me the money." how you can save big time by buying straight off the government auction block. yes, you can save big but also shell out big for these items. >> indeed. some full-body makeovers from the master, chris powell. from extremely makeover -- extreme weight loss edition. a fantastic show, extreme makeover -- weight loss edition. once you start watching you can't stop. >> a full hour ahead. let's get to the stop toirs again and welcome back bob woodruff. the new outlook for millions of americans trying to find a job. a survey just out this morning finds 43% of companies expect to hire workers in the next second month, that's the highest percentage in a year. the manufacturing sectoto has te strongest outlook. a tour bus heading to niagara falls,
8:02 am
crashed in northern new york, crashed after sliding off an embankment. two people were killed. several people were hurt in ottawa, canada, when a stage at a rock concert collapsed. during a thunderstorm and winds topping 50 miles per hour. thousands of fans ran for cover. one person was seriously injured when part of the stage pierced his chest. overseas, a new commander has taken control in afghanistan, general john allen 140,000 american troops in the country. taking over for general david petraeus who is set to run the cia. handover comes as violence hits an all-time high. three more troops were killed today. and now, to the jubilation in japan, sure we were all saddened by the u.s. women losing in the world cup final, in a penalty shootout. if any nation deserves to feel
8:03 am
the pride that follows such a momentous win, it's japan. >> reporter: we're out here in one of the busiest districts in tokyo. all day we have been hearing spontaneous chants of japan. it has been four months since that devastating earthquake and tsunami killed 25,000 people. but today, japan finally has reason to celebrate. team japan's v vtory capped an emotional run for the perennial underdogs. for the players, this was much more than a soccer game. alalg the tsunami-ravaged coast, renewed hope. nervous fans packed sports bar into the early hours. fans celebrated in the streets. some were just too emotional to speak. in team captain homare sawa's hometown, elation. her elementary school coach said that i have no words. the mar 11th disasters were
8:04 am
personal for this team. even one of the players worked at the fukushima nuclear plant. players viewed images of the disasaer before each game and after every victory, carried a banner thanking the world for their support. today it was the evacuees in the tsunami zone thanking the players, saying that this team gave them the strength to move forward. and now, diane sawyer with a preview of tonight's "world news." >> good morning to everyone at "gma," we crack the code tonight for happy retirement. the rules are being rewritten as baby boomers are setting different goals. you'll be surprised how they're affording it all. it's a revolution that will be televised tonight on "world news." thanks diane. finally, it's happy birthday today to south africa's nelson mandela. we rarely see the 93-year-old mandela, and that's what makes
8:05 am
this picture so special. millions of schoolchildren across south africa sang happy birthday to him today. >> i'm attending a luncheon that morgan freeman is hosting for nelson mandela's 93rd birthday. he's supposed to call in. mandela is. >> which will be incredible. >> thanks, bob, so much. how about now to the super star separation that took so many by surprise. jennifer lopez and marc anthony announcing after that seven years of marriage they're splitting up. abc's linsey davis has the story behind the shocking breakup. >> they were friends for years. dated briefly in the '90s. in 2004, j. lo and marc anthony married. immediately started making beautiful music together, literally. now their story is starting to sound like another sad love song. on stage, they sizzled.
8:06 am
while in private, their relationship apparently simmered. jennifer lopez and marar anthony's decision to divorce comes as a surprise to many. >> we have a great relationship. i think it's because we really respect each other. not just personally as people, but also professionally. >> reporter: that was three years ago. this friday, they issued this statement. we have decided to end our marriage. this was a very difficult decision. >> this split has s en a total shock to almost everybody looking in. the last time we saw marc and jennifer together in public, they were doing this sexy, hot performance on the finale of american idol. >> that performance ebbed with this passionate kiss. by all appearances it seemed to be a good year for lopez. jennifer lopez took on the role of idol judge, topped "people" magazine's most beautiful list. her new song "on the floor" is
8:07 am
one of her most successful songs to date. their twins are 3-year-old. just a few months ago, they announced their newest baby together, a reality show. maybe thereere signs. her latest album is called love with a question mark. on july 10th anthony was a no-show at an l.a. meet and greet with will and kate. this will mark her third divorce. one of several ver public, very high-profile relationships. >> jennifer has been unlucky in love. we were rooting for her. we were hoping that this one would stick. >> reporter: the third time should have been the charm. there was another number at play here. the seven-year itch. the reality show to be with simon cowell is still said to be a go despite their split. the production company releaead ththstatement yesterday saying that they're both committed to the project and will work on it. as planned.
8:08 am
marc took to the stage in colombia this weekend, was flirting with the women and shouting, they're saying, i'm single. e interesting thing is, if they have a prenup? she's worth a quarter of billion dollars. >> as you said, they have been friends all along. hopefully, that will remain the case. >> he did.eally said that? >> linsey, thank you. all right, let's get back out to sam, he's with the people right outside here in times square. >> i'm telling you, even the girl scouts are with us today. this is huge. in times square. let's get to the boards. as you step out the door, here's where the heat developing. not just the temperatures but the heat index levels. minneapolis will feel like 100. i don't know even that number. lit feel like 124. last week, we were talking about how tough some places were. the northwest has been cooler
8:09 am
than normal since february and it continues to be right at the normal mark for the next couple of days and then dips cooler and below. the only cool place on the board. atlanta is 91. the heat continues right through the middle of the country. dallas, we have you at 100. here's what's ahead on the "gma morning menu" -- why wouldn't be okay for your son to like the color pic.
8:10 am
some dad are divided. and great deals, maybe even steals, are government auctions a real thing? can you really get some good bargains here? and slimming down, your summer expert tips from chris powell. we'll be right back. powell. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis symptoms. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain so your body can stay in motion. because just one 200mg celebrex a day can provide 24 hour relief for many with arthritis pain and inflammation. plus, in clinical studies, celebrex is proven to improve daily physical function so moving is easier. and celebrex is not a narcotic. when it comes to relieving your arthritis pain, you and your doctor need to balance the benefits with the risks. all prescription nsaids, like celebrex, ibuprofen,
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8:14 am
and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. well, every new parent knows that if you say you're having a boy, blue baby gifts. a girl, some pink. where does that exactly come from? and is it starting to change in a question that we posed to
8:15 am
andrea canning. people like you, your hot pink spandex number that you had on the other day is changing stereotypes. >> on with the show. >> reporter: the conventional wisdom is that boys won't wear pink, except josh. way boy think about the color today is very different than when you were a kid. to prove it we went straight to the source. his 6-year-old son started reaching for pink early on. >> pink, purple. >> reporter: does he have a pair of pink cowboy boots. >> absolutely. >> reporter: lately, pink making a sting from an episode of tlc's popular showed to lers and tiaras. featuring boys. to books and blogs supporting sons in their pink and personal
8:16 am
choices. the recent storm over this ad featuring pink nail polish. >> it's a big deal to see boys in pink, because, simply, it's not the cultural convention. it's nothing hard wired. boys aren't inatly averse to pink. >> reporter: we invited dads whose sons have varied interests. okay, so when your son reaches for something pink, especially the first few times that did it, what did you think? >> i was verbally said, is that the color you really want? look there are some other colors. i didn't know how to handle it
8:17 am
when it first happened. i really wanted him to choose a different color. >> in a perfect world, if you had your choice, rather your son grabbing for the pink shirt or the blue shirt. >> i follow my son's lead. not the point of what i like. >> if he wants to choose the pink shirt, that's his choice. >> they think it will m me him gay, people are still homophobic. >> reporter: still there are very few manly examples of the power of pink. in europe, stars are embraced the hue. check out this scooter in bubble gum pink. it's being marketed to bothh bos and girls after the company conducted an in-house survey that showed 85% of parents say
8:18 am
they they're okay with their sons playing with it. how far will we go? there was great controversy over this boy's halloween costume. who is okay with their sons wearing is is. >> to school? >> reporter: out in the open. school. at home. >> my son did wear a skirt sometimes to preschool. and we allowed that. you know, i struggled with my own comfort level with that. and what i was really concerned mostly about was the fact that -- that he would get teased and not accepted. >> reporter: next, we assembled to 6-year-old to 8-year-olds. we asked them to choose a scooter to ride, green, pink or blue? after the first two boys went for the grere scooter on the right. we decided to switch the order,
8:19 am
putting the pink scooter on the right instead. the next choices -- blue, blue and green. two of the boys went back again and weren't afraid to choose pink the second time around. we also asked the boys to choose from a sample of shirts. pick a shirt and try it on. so grab one. some couldn't move fast enough to grab the blue and the beige. in the end -- the same two boys picked pink and they made a point to bond over it. do you ever worry that pink is a girl's color. >> i don't believe in the girl's colors, boy's colors, kind of thing. i'm with every color >> i like pink. i also think that -- the boy color, girl color is not fair. >> reporter: do you think the world is telling you that you're supposed to wear blue because you're a blue? >> no. in my opinion, i don't like
8:20 am
pink. but i'm just not a pink guy. >> reporter: as the conversation went on, even they showed their limits. you say you have no problem wearing pink. would you wear a shirt with a princess on it. >> i would wear pink, but, like, i just wouldn't want to cross the line with a princess. they would probably be like, you're wearing a girl's shirt and then laugh at me. i would kind of be a little humiliated. >> reporter: would anyone wear this out in public. >> no. >> no way. >> a little science now. an interesting fact from a study out of cal state fullerton. researchers found not so much the color that kids respond to
8:21 am
but to the brightness of the color. what are you, clark kent? >> a quick presto change-o. >> you're supporting the cause >> i am. i am. i want to point out the brightness. i noticed as i'm pushing my daughter who's about 3 now, the cereal box aisle, she's grabbing the bright boxes. >> it's really about more of the adults. >> time for you to weigh in now, what do you think? is pink okay for boys? or no way. vote right now. gma app on your iphone or head to our website. >> i saw andrea wearing that shocking blue. that motivated me to wear the blue. it's time now for our series, what is it called -- show me the money! today a luxury edition.
8:22 am
we're looking at government auctions. abc's elisabeth leamy joins us from washington this morning. elik you really find bar gains at thehe auctions if. >> you sure can. you get kget some great bar gains. we'll take you inside one in ft. lauderdale, florida. >> auctioneers talk fast. but scott fast have talked even faster. he persuaded investors to pour $1.2 billion into his illegal ponzi scheme. now they're selling off his items to raise money for his victims. peopop crowd the auction previee to see for themselves.
8:23 am
federal agents seized hisis rar cars when they busted him. a car dealerr convinced his a fun family vacation.would make >> we flew down to look at the mercedes. we're hoping that we can close the deal. >> reporter: her necklace, it might recognize lot 233, the jewelry that lured her all of the way from new orleans. on auction day, there are 366 registered bidders. some are professionals. for others it's a family affair. but evevyone is hoping to bid their way to a bargain >> we have done thousands of auctions and people can get a good deal. indeed they can get a good deal. >> reporter: deals like this diamond necklace which sold for half off, $1,000 off of what our
8:24 am
expert called a fair price. a man's ring, 9,000 discount. this fancy watch, $15,000 off. and this incredible ruby and diamond ring, $16,000 less. roger wouldn't mind if people overpaid. he brought his daughter to witnessed the auction because he was one of scott's ponzi victims. from this glitz i can high rise, scott ran the ponzi scheme. after he was sentenced to prison, his wife's bodyguard got into a fight. bidding for the mercedes roadster is fierce. john is right in there.
8:25 am
but stunned at how fast the price rose. how did you think you did. >> i got caught up in the bidding a little bit. >> reporter: according to the auto experts, john got the car for $2,500 than it's actually worth. >> absolutely that makes me feel good. >> reporter: again, again, her husband raised her his hand for her and it worked. >> 16,000. 16,000 the price. >> look at those folks over there. you is a lot of jewelry dealers over there. diamond dealers. little ole you, who isn't a professional, managed to snag four items. what do you think? >> i think it was great. i was kind of leery. it was nice. >> reporter: more than nice. because vanessa got her jewelry for $10,000 less than our expert
8:26 am
thought it was worth. >> my goodness, that's great. >> reporter: all in all the auction brought in $3.7 million and many bids were bar gains. he was a flashy criminal, so it was a flashy auction. many of them are more practical. golf supplies, leather jackets, persian rugs. and one, ramen noodles by the ton. >> just in case. than thanks, eli. coming up -- becky worley's tests to find if products make the grade. and chris powell is here. he's going to whip us intoto shape.
8:27 am
a group plans to call the f.b.i. to investigate a shooting by the san francisco police. this youtube video helped police recover a gun they say was used by a man on saturday. they returned fire killing them. someone picked up the gun that led them to pick up the gun from a parolee. >> we do have a couple incidents on the bay bridge. this is the metering lights. we have an accident lane number four just past the metering lights and an accident in san jose northbound 101 just before the expressway, you will find slow traffic from the 280 junction.
8:28 am
8:29 am
[ male announcer ] brace yourself for the big, bold taste of a subway® bbq pulled pork sub. tender, succulent slow-cooked pork with sweet and smoky barbecue sauce, all on freshly baked bread. subway. eat fresh®. good morning, student start around the bay area and temperatures are off to the morning lows, 50s and 60s on our way to 70 ease and 80s. i think we'll get more cloud cover tonight and even a little bit of drizzle and we'll be in the 50s once again. seven-day forecast, slow warming trend. temperatures try to get back to average by the weekend. thank you so much. the news continues right now
8:30 am
with "good morning america." have a greater day. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ summertime ♪ summertime [ cheers and applause ] a little "summertime" by will smith. great song. we have our becky worley with the newest as seen on tv products to the test. my alma mater over there, southeastern louisiana university. and who dat nation. >> big crowds out here today. also ahead -- great stuff. chris powell, the star of extreme makeover -- weight loss edition.
8:31 am
we'll have some tips for you at home, how to drop those pounds before the summer really gets going. and also -- after you work out with chris, you got to do that hot trends. you guys don't know about this. the shirt dress. >> the shirt dress. >> it's very popular. we'll show you how to get that look for less. >> it's a good look. >> it looks rather cool, lit rally and figuratively and sap champion with this monster relief -- we're looking for some relief s there any relief in sight. >> if you want to find the cool spot, it's got to be a northeast. a little breeze in times square. so it's not too bad. but it picks up here later. robin roberts, that shirt dress has nothing on your ensemble. i'm telling you, let's get to the boards.
8:32 am
we want to show you our twitter pictures. weather producer marcus walter is in manhattan beach and sent us that twitter picture. nice life if you can get it, walter. hollywood, florida, one of my favorite spopo. send us ways you're staying cool in the hot weather. hot and humid and d doesn't break. dallas, to minneapolis, to chicago, to kansas city. and include the northeast in that. violent thunderstorms will kick off. more of a wind issue in these storms. powerful wind bursts that we have seen move through southern canada. that kind of thing will happen in the northeast. that's the weather around the >> all of that weather was brought to you by audi. but now, robin and josh.
8:33 am
>> thank you, sam. we love the summer. mainly because of the audience and they make so much -- but now, we're going to go to becky worley. you know how she loves to test out these things that we see in infomercials and things like that. she puts them to the test first. >> this a tough one coming up. this is a real tough one coming up. becky is a better person than i. >> and she's at home in oakland, california. good morning, becky. >> yes it's summer and three summer-themed products caught my attention to find out they worked the way they say they do. one they says it give you a guilt-free dessert. one says it makes camping easy and one says it gets rid of armpit hair and chin air. really? >> the most effective.
8:34 am
>> the pitch. >> no hair, no pain. >> the promise. >> out comes one of the delicious foods. >> reporter: the hope of good times. >> spend less time setting up and more time having fun. >> reporter: can they deliver? first up on my summer product list. the $70 yonana machine. >> a treat that you can make at home that tastes just like ice cream. >> reporter: so, i take only b n banan bananas. i put it into the yonana machine. i get something out that's just like ice cream? really? first freeze, then peel, jam them into the machine and out comes yonana. how does it taste? consistency just likikice cream. taste, just like banana. i tell you what, my kids would eat this. i would tell them it was ice cream. a guilt-free dessert? it tastes better if you add frozen strawberries or raspberries.
8:35 am
if you need to fight the ice cream cravings, yonana is yes. next, camping is a summer tradition. but setting up the tent is a summer hustle. enter the coleman $180 instant tent. >> the setup or teardown happens in under 60 seconds. >> reporter: 60 seconds to set up a tent? on your mark, get set, go. this is an eight-person tent. it takes a little wrestling. okay. operator error. but once i figure it out, 2 minutes. not bad. especially for one person. now, another thing, this tent doesn't need a fly to protect it from the rain. you just zip up these interior panels. verdict, a trip to the outdoors, would be greatly enhanced with this easy to set up tent.
8:36 am
finally, summer is all about bathing suits, shorts, sun dresses. in other words, you got to shave your legs and armpits, ladies. along those lines, this device called the no!no!. >> the technology delivers a gentle pulsing heat to immediately remove and crystallize the hair. >> reporter: i test it on my arms, legs and chin. i used the product for two months. while the device did burn away some hair -- it smells like a bug zapper in here. it left stubble. the leg hair grew back just as thick. still there. it really burned my chin. ouch. even leaving significant marks once when i was testing this. would i advise you to buy this product? no, no.
8:37 am
now, we contacted the folks who make the no!no!, they said that regulatory testing and published clinical studies have shown that if used according to instructions the product delivers results in a safe and painless manner to all skin types and hair colors. guys, that wasn't exactly my experience. for me, no, no. >> becky, there was no way that was painless. has the chin healed at this point? i can only hope. i can only hope, the chin has healed. >> i got brain freeze. >> ice cream, consistency, what do you think? compared to ice cream. >> i think it is delicious. a couple of people have tried, thumbs up? >> this is awesome. >> becky suggested that you mix it up. so this is strawberry and banana. okay. >> all right. to get all of becky's reviews go
8:38 am
to the website what's next? >> the secrets to work off all of this coming up and the man is here to deliver them, chris powell. >> no, no.
8:39 am
8:40 am
this summer we have seen so many amazing transformations on extreme makeover weight loss
8:41 am
edition. people losing hundreds of pounds and changing their bodies but really changing their lives and chris powell is the man who has helped them all and he's here today with some great tips for you. but first, let's take a look back at some of those inspirational stories from the show. >> every time that you tell me that you can't do something, i'm going to prove that you can. >> reporter: a season full of life-amou life-altering transformation sfwls i'm ready to lose the weight. >> reporter: trainer chris powell reshaping the nation one person at a time. >> go, go, go, go. go, go, go. >> reporter: 365-day weight loss journey. powell tackles morbid obebety head-on. helping clients ultimately reclaim their lives. >> put your hands together for the brand-new alex. >> reporter: the results are stunning.
8:42 am
hundreds of pounds shed. and the chance for fresh starts. >> thank you. >> reporter: and in this season's final two episodes we'll see two moms take the challenge. >> of the thousands of e-mails i got, i'm choosing you. >> reporter: staci has let her weight spiral out of control. beside working full-time, she's a mother of two kids and her husband, who has suffered a stroke shortly after their wedding. 34-year-old crista, suffers from emotional eating. >> it's uncomfortable to sleep. i'm just at risk for everything and that scares me because i
8:43 am
have to here for my daughter. they're heading towards their own big reveals. >> t ts fight is not over yet. >> reporter: chris having worked his magic once again. of course, it's not magic. he somewhat of a magic man. chris joins us now. chris, you see that and it's enthralling. i tell you, it's important viewing for me. you know at the end, there's going to be a reveal. they have would have lost a lot of weight. for those of us who have pounds to lose, what's the take-away from the show? >> you know what my people go through, there's nothing really unique. we're all human. we're all dealing with the same kind of struggles. and how you handle it's all about making those tiny life tile changes. for someone who wants to lose 20 pounds, it could be a two-month
8:44 am
journey >> you heard half the battle is just getting started. let's say we make that decision, how do we start a new program? >> it's all about finding a sound nutrition program and per size program that resonates with you. the fun part about beginning, in the five, six weeks, that's when you get the incredible results. your strength goes through the roof, your stamina and endurance. you get to see some really good numbers on the scale. it's really about finding something that you love. when it comes to exercise, so many people say, what's the best thing that i can do? it's like dating. it's about trying different things. >> to that point, i love to swim and then i find if i play basketball with the fellas, muscle groups are barking. good or a bad thing? >> fantastic thing. any time you change it up, your
8:45 am
brain will find a new stimulus. it's a trick of a trade that fitness professionals use all the time. >> it's summer. we're on that program. vacation coming up. we go away for the weekend. we think to ourselves, i have earned a break. how do you feel about going away and splurging for seven days? >> it's tricky. believe it or not, a break is a really good thing. especially if you have been training for a significant amount of time. you're supposed to take a good week off. as soon as you get back into it, you'll get great results. unfortunately, people come back and you're still in vacation mode. it's important that while you're on vacation you still carve out that time for yourself. it doesn't have to be hard-core exercise but take a walk. still keep carving out that time so you don't lose that coo groove. >> in tonight's episode,
8:46 am
10:00/9:00 episode, what we can expect from these two women? >> heart felt episodes. they're both beautiful, beautiful people. i'm excited to share their stories with america. especially if you're a mom with kids and you're looking to lose the weight. >> it's extreme makeover weight loss edition. a mom taking care of everybody else except herself, at least until tonight. up next, sizzling summer dresses.go@t@t@t@t t t t t t t d
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got a little outdoor fashion show for you. because one of the hottest fashions right now is called the shirt dress. joining us now is,, what is s s
8:49 am
hot about this trend >> it's a trend that we have seen all over the runway. what we love abouthat glamour, it's one easy piece that flat r flatters everyone. >> you can find the right price range for everyone, too. >> we'll show you how to wear it affordably. >> the first model we have jenna. >> she's going on date. you want to play with your wardrobe. great color is a great to do to that. from nicola anthony for $60. >> it's perfect for date night. thanks very much, jenna oh, i like this next one. >> she's going to the beach. it's a really great option.
8:50 am
it's comfortable and cotton. it's from urban behavior rebel, $49.50. you can toss it in your beach bag, when you're done, go straight to dinner and drinks on the boardwalk. >> i'll let you hold this because we're having a little bit of a mike issue. and this is a very popular way to wear this kind of fashion. and this is sabrina. >> sabrina is heading to the office. it can be office appropriate. she's in this great dress from charlotte rurue for only $27. we paired it with a belt from h&m. you can have fun with it. fit is ver important. you want to make sure that it's long enough and in the bust line, completely covered in the office. >> i'm on the tall side. sometimes it's just a little too short. but that is perfect.
8:51 am
>> this is brooke. >> she has her casual look on. she's got the long legs. what we have done a great little trick is layered up two different dresses. extra hem line instantly. do wit a skirt that you already have in your closet. we layered another dress underneath it for $64. you can see the collar poking out on top. if you're on the tall side it's an instant fix without having to go to the tailor. >> all four looks come out. and tracey, tell us, if we're looking at this, it doesn't matter what our sizes. >> all sizes. this dress can really flatter any woman. >> i like the different styles. you can have fun with it.
8:52 am
all right. ladies, thank you very much. and you can head to our website to find out where you can get the looks that you have just seen right here. thank you. >> thank you. thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back. thank you. >> thank you. >> we'll be r♪ ♪ back. free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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friday, wake up to a summer party in the park.
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it's goo goo dolls in a live morning concert for you. you may remember earlier we asked you, is it okay for boys to wear pink? and overwhelming, yeah, of course, 73% saying it's okay. 27% said no way. sends a confusing message. >> you're right. about 3/4, that's progress. logon to twitter and facebook, find us there. diane sawyer will have a complete wrap on "world news" tonight. keep it here. abc and >> have a great day, everyone.
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layoff notices will be mailed out to about 200 court employees in san francisco because of state budget cuts. presiding judge is expected to outline the cuts later this morning. courts are trying to deal with the $350 million budget reduction this year and a deficit in the warm of sunshine. >> trying to bring us back to average, it seems like the beginning of the month. we'll have a few pockets of sunshine, 60s around the coast is and 80s inland and warmer through the week. >> slow drive westbound 80 from highway 4 all the way to the bay bridge. we had a couple instances on the bay bridge earlier and now traffic is


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